Diabetes Treatment Training Through Realistic Patient Simulation


A few things people have said...

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Fantastic learning program! Entertaining to participate in, easy to use, and excellent educational opportunities. Would recommend to anyone wishing to increase their confidence in prescribing insulin.

Insulin initiation and titration is needless to say intimidating for most of us, but this program brings down the intimidation factor the way no text book or review article can

Simulated on-line learning, especially the need to repeat segments until the practice is correct, reinforces and strengthens retention of new knowledge.

very flexible & easy to use programm

One of the best tools to improve your knowledge of insulin initiation in Diabetics

Very informative regarding approach to initiating insulin

I liked the variability in patient response to the insulin I prescribed - this made it more realistic and forced you to think rather than just going through the motions.

After finishing the module, I feel very comfortable manging uncontrolled diabetes and initiating Insulin.

I think this program is awesome. I can't imagine another way that would teach as effectively and allow me to learn and develop confidence without doing harm.

Good learning tool for starting insulin in Type 2 DM

This is exactly the type of learning tool I've been waiting for

Fantastic way to learn. I hope there will be more subjects presented in this format in the future.

I love using the simulkation since it is better to practice and be safe with a virtual patient than a real one

Excellent tutorial - very practical and realistic

This simulation was a great way to try different approaches and get a feel for what to expect.

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